El Vals (The Waltz)

Today, music and dance are fundamental parts of the festivities. In the celebrations of
Quinceañeras, to dance the Vals is the tradition, to which now choreographies of
different types of modern music are added; the “Surprise Dance”. In order to be the
“bell of the ball” with this presentation, it is fundamental to contract the aid of a
professional choreographer.

The Vals and the Surprise Dance take a strong role in the evolution of the Quinceañera,
as the Vals searches to maintain the cultural and traditional aspect of the presentation,
while the Surprise Dance represents the individuality and character of the developing

It is our goal to assist the Quinceañera and her court in preparing a presentation that will
entertain and highlight the Quinceañera in her newly found role as a young woman.

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Quinceañeras occur frequently without the assistance of a professional planner.
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Our in-house services include:

  • Planner
  • Coordinator
  • Choreographer
  • MC

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